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We're happy you chose to learn more about our new Amazon special. Essentially, we just launched our "healthy & delicious" cookies via Amazon.  Being the new kids on the block, we would love your help increasing our Amazon search listing.  As a token of our appreciation, we've created this special:

We'll send you two of 2 oz Original Chocolate Chip Cookies for just 99 cents! We'll even pay for the shipping. In return, we hope you'll write us an honest Amazon review. 

Click on the button below to request your promo code for our 99 cent cookie special, and we'll take it from there.  

We believe if you offer people better options, they will make better choices.  Thank you for helping spread our mission of inspiring the world to go back to eating whole foods, as nature intended! 

Fill out the form to request your promo code.  Supplies are limited, request yours now.

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I'd love to leave an Amazon review!