Mera Bites


Anna Hagopian1 Comment

Today (Jan 22, 2016) will always be very near and dear to my heart because this is THE DAY we got our blog up and running! Been meaning to do this for a while but, life being what it is, got derailed a couple of times. Turns out that Lord Byron ("luv will find a way thru paths where wolves fear to prey") and Francis Bacon (the quintessential Renaissance man - philosopher, politician, scientist, published author - man makes me feel like a serious underachiever) were also born today....albeit a couple of centuries ago.

This has indeed been a journey of love. In a past life, I was a model, makeup artist, bartender, and actress before becoming what I am today - a chef/baker and entrepreneur. However, one thing that has remained constant has been my obsession with nutrition and, as a self-proclaimed foodie, taste! I can't remember a time when I wasn't cooking for myself or others (drum roll Sol Solis, the other half of The Paleo Cookie Company). About a year and a half ago, my dear Manoula (Greek for mother) passed away. Sadness and stress led to physical illness. In my quest to heal myself, à la Hippocrates, my food became my medicine. I hope that my cookies have and will continue to bring love and healing into your lives as cookie at a time.

I am looking forward to sharing this next leg of the journey with you :).


With love~,