Mera Bites

We Make Healthy, Delicious

 2 oz Original Paleo Cookie: 182 calories, 12g carbs, 8g sugar, 13g fat… Ingredient info

We hope you enjoy our handmade gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free & GMO-free cookies.  We make healthy, delicious!

Our goal is to inspire the world to go back to eating whole foods, as nature intended.  Many enjoy our cookies as the perfect pre & post workout snack; as a breakfast option; a go-to travel snack, and of course, a decadent Paleo dessert.  Busy people enjoy these nutrient-dense cookies as a meal replacement while on the go.  Whatever your lifestyle needs are, we have a real food solution for you.  

Because Sharing Means Caring.

We know you love our cookies, so make sure you share us with your friends.  Our cookies make the perfect Thank You, Congratulations, Happy Birthday, Thinking Of You, Get Well and Just Because- gifts ideas.  

Send our cookies to your kid away at college; to score points with your tough mother-in-law; to cheer up your gluten-free co-worker; or as a group order for your next special event.  

Whatever the occasion, our cookies have you covered!


Cookies so good, customers send us "Love Letters."

Hear what our customers are raving about:

Hear what our customers are raving about:


“We eat healthy and have pretty much given up desserts because we know how bad refined sugars are.  Now that we found these amazing (seriously we can’t believe how good they are) Paleo Cookies and Brownies we can reward ourselves with treats again! The Paleo cookie makes it easy to eat healthy AND be able to treat ourselves with an out-of-this-world delicious dessert.”

- Brian & Mary Bosak - Yoga instructor, and Salsa dancers