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What is the shelf life of the cookies?

Since we do not use preservatives, I recommend 2-3 weeks at room temperature for The Chocolate Chip & Coconut Cookie, and 5-6 weeks for The Double Chocolate (Vegan) Brownie Cookie.  To extend the shelf life, you can refrigerate and/or freeze the cookies (up to six months).

What’s the best way to eat the cookies?

I recommend enjoying them at room temperature to enjoy the cookie's moisture, though they can also be enjoyed cold out of the fridge and/or frozen.  If you’re too impatient to bring your refrigerated/frozen cookies to room temperature naturally, (like my business partner, Sol), or you prefer eating your cookies warm and gooey, I recommend tossing them in the oven for a few minutes.  Though we’re not big fans of a microwave, you could also nuke your cookies for 10-20 seconds (depending on the power of your microwave).

Why are the cookies expensive?

We only use the highest quality, premium ingredients--mostly certified organic. This quality costs more to make.  This cookie was originally made for me at home to satisfy my sweet tooth. I never altered the recipe to make it commercially and less expensive for higher profit margins. I want to keep the quality the same for everyone to enjoy as it was created, because I am passionate about making healthy, delicious.  The main ingredients, (almond flour, chocolate and coconut,) are commodities, which means no fixed costs.  It’s basic Supply & Demand.  For example, there is a recent rise in popularity for coconut water & coconut oil, thus driving up the price of shredded coconut.  Did you know it takes one gallon of water to grow one almond?  California's water drought has caused the price of almond flour to rise to $7.99/lb. (and rising), while regular (wheat) flour averages $.30/lb.    

Essentially, you’re paying for premium ingredients: 

  • Our unsweetened shredded coconut is sulfur dioxide-free which is a preservative;

  • Our coconut oil is organic and unrefined;

  • Our almond flour base is non GMO, kosher and certified gluten-free;

  • Our eggs are cage-free;

  • Our maple syrup is 100% pure and organic.

  • Our vanilla extract is pure, and not imitation.

  • Our chocolate is 70%

Most importantly, each cookie is hand made & scooped in small batches (with LOVE). We do not operate out of a processing plant with cookie cutter machines. The proof is the irregular shapes of each cookie.

Why Choose Mera Bites?

We have become wiser to the effects food plays on our body.   Our cookies are nutritionally-rich, which makes it filling.  In other words, you don’t feel the urge to pound a dozen of them like many of the other nutrition-less cookies out there.  Mera Bites allows you to satisfy your sweet tooth, without the guilt-- hence, its nickname, "The Feel Good Cookie."  It’s the perfect pre and post workout snack.  Have it for breakfast, or as a decadent dessert.  Or maybe use the cookie to get on the good graces of your mother-in-law.      

The Paleo Cookie is a great option for:

- those who want to watch their blood sugar levels

- those who have gastrointestinal or autoimmunity issues

- those who have food intolerances and sensitivities

- those who would like to enjoy sweets while watching their weight

- those who enjoy eating whole-food ingredients without any of the icky stuff

Is your facility certified gluten free?

No, we are a small, modest company who started spreading the love through our cookie and have been growing with the support of our fans. We bake out of a certified shared kitchen in Chicago.  Especially due to my personal intolerance to grains and gluten, I deeply honor our cookie by mindfully preparing and packaging our cookie throughout our entire baking process. We take all the proper precautionary measures from the guidelines of Food & Sanitation laws. Although we feel the need to share this disclaimer, we also feel it’s important to stress we have never had a single complaint about any kind of allergic issues.  

What are the shipping costs?

You pay exactly what it costs us to ship. No hidden charges here. We’re not trying to profit off of shipping our cookies. We are grateful for the support of our cookie fans, and realize you live on all corners of the country.  We offer 2-3 day shipping so you can get your goodies as fresh as possible. 

When will my order ship?

We bake every Monday, and ship fresh cookies for every order.  Our goal is to get you your cookies ASAP.  We minimize our shipping dates like this in order to never have cookies sitting in our warehouse.. 


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